Friday, March 25, 2011

"Genius without education is like silver in the mine" - Benjamin Franklin

Last March 10, 2011, I posted in my blog that “my daughter is graduating soon”. Now, I would like to tell everyone that she had graduated from “Day Care” last March 23, 2011. Their Recognition Day was held at Municipal Gym San Juan, Batangas where more than 400 Day Care students participated. Before the program started, students and parents marched from the stage back to our seats. Oh, I felt so much proud! I guess it is the pride of all parents to accompany their children during graduation day. On my case, Natalie being my first and only child, the experience was new to me and it was really overwhelming! Parents and students were seated separately and my daughter was really hesitant at first to be left alone amidst the hundreds of students in front of the stage but I was able to convince her as I sat at the area where she could see me.

The program began with a prayer led by one of the day care students then followed by singing the National Anthem led by one of the teachers. Municipal leaders headed by our beloved San Juan Mayor, Rodolfo H. Manalo, gave a short talk and acknowledged all the graduates. One of the board members of the province of Batangas announced that there will be a job fair at Fiesta World Mall Lipa, Batangas on March 26-27 from 9am to 5pm to help the jobless get employed.

At last, after all the talks, there came the recognition part where all the graduates received their certificates. Outstanding students were also given medals and bar pins. My four year old daughter got the following awards: “Batang May Karangalan" (Graduate with Honor), “Mahusay Kumilala ng Titik” (Best in Recognizing Letters / Alphabet), “Batang Maagap” (Early Bird Award). I saw how proud Natalie was for the awards she received and so were Romel and I. Everyone in the family was also proud of her. That day ended with a little celebration. We had rice, afritada, buttered shrimp, pancit, cake, ice cream, bread, jellatin and softdrinks while others enjoyed singing at videoke.

Indeed, being a parent is rewarding. I hope all parents out there fulfill their obligation to send their children to school. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor or whether your child receives an award or not, it is very important that they finish schooling so they can have a bright future. If you can’t send your children to private school, then send them to public school. You can seek assistance from the government as well and they are very much willing to help our less fortunate children to get the quality education they deserved.

According to Albert Einstein, ”Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” while Benjamin Franklin said, “Genius without education is like silver in the mine.”

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