Thursday, March 10, 2011

My daughter is graduating soon! ^^

     I feel so proud of my daughter as she was able to pass all the academic requirements in daycare and will be graduating this coming March 23, 2011. As a mommy, seeing your child grows and witnessing how he or she is able to learn things day by day is truly a gem. My daughter Natalie started schooling last June 2010. At first, my husband and I were not taking her schooling seriously as our ultimate goal was for her to feel what it’s like to be a student. By that time, we were not expecting anything from her since she’s still young. She was only 3 years old and 6 months when classes started and most of her classmates were older than her; actually, some had already repeated daycare. At first, she was so hesitant to be left inside the classroom which I believe is normal for beginners, but I feel so thankful to her teacher, Mrs. Aclan who is a very talented, intelligent and well-experienced daycare teacher. She was able to teach Natalie to become independent, and sooner, my daughter was able to adapt to her new environment. She surprised us by telling us what she had learned and those things… we haven’t thought those were already being taught to daycare students. (Well, I guess, I’m comparing it with my lessons before when I was at her age and still a student :). Some of their lessons were already taught to me by my teacher when I was already in 3rd or 4th grade.  There were times when I went off for vacation just to see my daughter in school and you know what? It’s lovely to see how she responded to recitations; she’s really amazing and intelligent!  Her monthly exams showed she can even surpass some of her classmates who are older than her.    
     Time flies and just recently, I attended the parent’s meeting and we’ve talked about graduation plans. I felt so excited already! ^^ It was agreed upon by parents to let students wear their school uniform on the Graduation day to minimize the cost, but one good thing about it, was that we hired a photographer and had the students wore the white gown(“toga”) and had their photos taken as a souvenir. The image above is my daughter’s photo and that is the same one I keep in my wallet ;)
     We don’t know yet if she will be getting any award but no matter what happens, I will always be proud of my daughter. Her achievements during the entire school year were more than enough! I will just wait and see...  As I know she will get what she deserves to have in the end.

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