Monday, December 20, 2010

Watch Pinoy Soap Opera/TV Programs

Have you missed your favorite Pinoy Soap Opera? Worry no more! I had been missing a lot of my favorite Pinoy soaps recently due to my hectic schedule and very early shift so I tried searching the net to find a website where I can watch the past episodes of "Temptation of Wife", "Imortal", and "Mara Clara", three of my favorites soaps.

In searching the web, I came across these two beautiful websites: and The first one has the most number of recorded tv programs from different networks/tv stations while the second one contains more complete recordings of the abs-cbn primetime soap, "Imortal".


I really wanted to thank those people who are behind these websites. Now, I don't have to be in a hurry as I can always come back and watch each episode over and over again through the net. Actually, it is better this way as I don't have to waste my time with too many commercials/advertisements. So, to people out there who are teleserye addicts, start adding the sites to your favorites and enjoy watching!

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  1. i love teleseryes too! it's actually my de-stresser! if there is a word such as that. hehehe. i am currently following mara clara and imortal. i don't get to see the last two teleseryes because i vowed to myself to not to sleep late anymore. anyways, thanks sis for posting this. have a Merry Christmas!

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