Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Guitar

     I really admire those who can play instruments very well. For many, playing organ, piano, drums or guitar is their passion. When I was still in high school, I used to play guitar. Aside from being a music lover, I had a crush on someone who really loved playing guitar and that inspired me a lot. I was so happy when my father gave me a new guitar on my 14th birthday. I was still a sophomore student back then. I remembered how excited I was when I used it for the first time. Since that day, I spent most of the time trying to learn how to play it. But I guess, I was not really destined to be a good guitarist because no matter how hard I tried to do it well, I failed. I can only play some songs with very simple cords: A, Am, C, D, Dm, E, Em, G… and it was not enough to sing and play my favorite songs. By then I knew I was just a frustrated guitarist and so I gave up. Well, I am still proud of my achievement as a frustrated guitarist as others may really know nothing at all about guitar right? At least, I can relate to guitarists of my age. That’s the only consolation I had.
     You may not believe but my husband, Romel can play guitar very well and can sing the melody beautifully, too. He can sing from his heart. Hmm.. well, I can say that he is really good at it. When I saw him played guitar before, when we were not yet a couple but friends, I admired him a lot. I never thought that we will end up as couple; I think that’s what destiny is all about. I'm so lucky to be her wife; though I didn’t become a good guitarist, I feel that my dreams were fulfilled by my husband.
     It’s been a while since Romel stopped playing guitar. His priorities had changed when he started building a family. He decided to give his old guitar to my brother who is also a frustrated guitarist like me. But recently, when we were at the mall, a guitar caught our attention and so we bought it. I believe it’s our love for music that urged us to buy it. We might have lost our time but didn’t lose the spirit and passion at all. Now I am seeing and hearing my husband playing guitar again and I feel proud of him and in love as ever!!!


  1. I play guitar, but bass is essential to the rhythm section. However, I have read that a bass player needs 3 times as many watts as the guitar player so that he can be heard at the same level. This has to do with frequencies and more physics than I know or care to deal with. Nice article!, thanks for share

  2. yah, I agree with thank you so much for visiting my blog. I hope I could learn more chords. God Bless!


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