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Class Prophecy (BEA Batch 2001-2002)

A Journey From Reality
written by: Bernadette Mabansag and Heide Rose Hernandez

     After several hours of signing contracts, at last, the meeting was over. I decided to take a break and drink coffee at the Starbucks Cafe. Upon entering its front door, I saw someone whose face was so familiar. Yeah, I knew, she's M.C, my high school friend, the one who used to sell "mazapan" or what they called as "yema". As she came nearer, she said, "Welcome Ma'am... eehh.. Badette?!.. oh yeah it's you Tedab, what a surprise!" She screamed so loud that got the attention of the customers and the owner, Ms. Jessica Rosales, who was our Student Principal then.

     After sharing pleasantries with M.C and Jessica, I realized that I should visit one of my best buddies whom I considered one of the most successful women I've ever known. When I arrived at her office, she didn't notice me. I saw her with a bunch of papers at her table. To get her attention, I made a loud scream, "Tog-sheng!" She was stunned and replied, "ala, ay kagaling naman!" and we laughed to our hearts desire.

     "Are you not tired of doing that job? I've been calling you all day and the only answer I got from your secretary was  you're busy. Why don't you take a break? Let's go to California for some rest and peace of mind.." I asked of her. "Well, that's a good idea.. wait, I will just call my partner Sherrie Anne and tell her that I will be away for couple of weeks so she can take in charge."


     After few days, I went to her house and picked her up. We arrived at the airport just in time. When we were at the departure area, I couldn't believe it, for I saw our high school PMT Captain Roiland Tobeo wearing a Naval suit. He was so in a hurry we did not catch up with him.

     Heide and I were about to take our seats in the airplane when the flight stewardess voice echoed inside the room asking us to fasten our seatbelts. Her voice reminded me of one of our batchmates whom we teased lesbian or "tomboy". I was surprised when I saw her approaching us, she's Irma Sevilla, very feminine and charming with her costume. 

     Then a voice from the pilot cockpit reminded me of another high school friend, Hersan. I was right as he was indeed the pilot that time as he announced.. "This is your Pilot, Hersan Fetil, we are about to land at the L.A. airport.." I wanted so much to see him but I had to accompany Heide to her hotel so I decided to just meet with him some other time.

     When we arrived at the hotel, I just took a quick shower and left Heide sleeping in bed. I went to a big restaurant, "ACINOM's Restaurant". When I entered the restaurant, I was surprised to see another classmate, Jonathan Ramos. I greeted him with a pleasant "hi!" and he confirmed to me that the owner of the restaurant was no other than Monica Madonna Tolentino. I wasn't able to see her because she was engaged in a meeting with her co-proprietors that moment.

     I went back to the hotel and invited Heide to the entertainment hall. When the first show was about to begin, the master showman introduced the first batch of performers. I could not believe my eyes for they were no other than the ultimate and boneless dancers, "Boys in Motion", the dancers from our Alma Mater, the same group of dancers headed by Jun-jun Barlan. I thought I was just dreaming but the next performer astonished me, Jerleth de Chavez.

     I left Heide at the entertainment hall as I needed to see a doctor. I felt so dizzy and was afraid that my blood pressure rose.

     I thought surprises were over but when I arrived at the hospital, the first doctor I saw was also my classmate, Joel Yolola who was the resident doctor assigned that time. When he called his nurse, I saw another classmate coming to us, Mary Rose Magbujos.

     After Dr.Yolola gave me the prescription I needed, I immediately went to the Pharmacy within the hospital building. The pharmacist who welcomed me was another fellow classmate, Ronna Joy Bagnes.

     After drinking the medicine and taking a nap, I prepared myself to go to boutique as I needed to buy a formal dress. There will be a musical concert that night which will be performed by my old-time friend, Irish and with her husband Dominic. I saw their invitation at the hotel's lobby. But I was even more surprised to see Honeyleen Adan, the owner of the boutique with our high school classmates, Caren Dyan and Karen Salimo as co-owners, the 2 Ginas of 4-1.

     When I went back to the hotel, I caught Heide watching a television show, the Body Builder show. She told me that she saw Romuel Aguba and Jonathan Aguila compete on that show. She also told me that the emcee of that show is her bestfriend Arlyn May Aclan who looks great with her slim body.

     When the show was over and after proclaiming that Romuel won the title as "Mr. Body Builder 2012", I changed the TV Channel and what caught my attention was the Mr. and Ms. Earth  Competition. I was amazed upon hearing the names of the candidates from the Philippines. It was wonderful to see Gel and Marvin in the TV screen. Yes, Angelica Sayo and Marvin Greggy Aguila bagged the title Mr. and Ms. Earth 2012.

     After watching the coronation, I looked for another interesting show and the show that made me stared on screen was the cooking show of Vanessa and Jaypril Reglos who were the two big names in our campus. Then I was even surprised when Deanna Rose Tolentino showed up in the show as the guest chef.

     I was about to turn off the TV when news flashed. The newscaster who appeared on the screen was my old time best pal Jaypee Araño. His news was about the the greatest debate of 2012 which will soon be seen in CNN. His guests will be Ms. Maricar Gonzales and Ms. Connie Magbujos, "Q-Girls." I got so fascinated of what I was seeing on tv, it was a commercial for the upcoming fashion show of Donatella Versace and the gorgeous models who were on stage were Maria Gracia Trillanes, Sylvia Kristel Ejes, Aleah Contreras, Leizl Boongaling, Mary Ann Pasia, Joan Alcones, Vanessa Coronel, Ronalyn Enriquez, Nenette Mendoza and Michelle Perdiguerra followed by the hunks, Jose Bernabe Lavarias, Floyd Ilustrado, Rico Japlit, Leo Niño Cusi and Alvin de Mesa. How I wished I could still stay tuned on the tv show but it was already seven in the evening and I had to prepare for the concert of "Romeo and Juliet". Heide on the other hand, had to see the NBA Game of the LA Lakers where our high school batchmates, Amir Salvania, Fortunato Cueto, Gilbert Manalo, Ronnel Untal, Arjay Lacdao and Erwin Gagalac and my old-time favorite, our high school Senior  Euclid Virrey were members.

     It was a fine Sunday morning the next day. I woke up and saw Heide still sleeping in bed. When she rose up, I eagerly asked her how the game was last night. "Really amazing!" she gasped. "You know what? Erwin Gagalac was awarded as MVP while Euclid and Amir played very well.. I was stunned when I saw the two guys.. they were as handsome as ever!" Heide said as if she was daydreaming.

     We went to church that morning only to find out that the mass was over and a wedding ceremony is being held. We heard the priest said, "Now, I declared you as husband and wife.." When the newly weds walked down the aisle, we got a glance at their faces and to our great surprise, they were Emerson and Vanessa Caig, our high school sweethearts. American looking guy Clarck Andrew Alcantara was the couple's bestman and Lanie Triviño was the maid of honor. Heide asked me to accompany her as she approached the priest because she wanted to donate a painting of the blessed Virgin Mary painted by the famous Kurt Charles Felomino. When we saw the priest coming our way, we could not believe he was Ail Wilfred Lara whose cute dimples appeared as he smiled on us... "Father, ohhh, it's you!.."

     "Hey Bernadette wake up! Hello, hello, are you with me?" Heide asked. Oh my! I found myself sitting at the computer lab where we were making some news articles for our school organ. I could not control laughing at my wondering thoughts. ^__^

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