Monday, November 29, 2010

Letting go...

     It's been a long time ago since we thought of replacing our old desktop pc with a brand new laptop. I was so hesitant at first because of its sentimental value. That old pc was the first thing I had bought using the money I earned from my first job which was about 5 years ago. It's indeed a tough machine, isn't it? I still remember how excited I was when I started to assemble and build it from scratch. Though now, it's old and ugly, the performance is still great. We only used it for internet surfing and blogging so we didn't bother to upgrade its specifications but recently we decided to change it for the better. We got one of the Asus models - Asus K42F-VX020 from one of the pc stores in Mall of Asia. One of the advantages of having this new laptop is that we can maximize the space for our small condo unit. If you think that we will let this old machine to retire now, you are certainly wrong, haha, 'coz I had a plan of giving it to my younger brother in province so he can use it for his studies.

     Anyway, I created this blog because I want to share with you the specifications of this Asus - K42F-VX020. It may be helpful to others who are currently looking for a notebook for their personal use. Specifications are not too high but my husband had been through a lot of local stores and Malls here in Manila and this one was found to be the most suitable for us in terms of performance and quality and of course, price (got it only for Php 29,995.00) ^__^. Maybe you wanted to give yourself a gift this Christmas or give your loveones laptop as a gift this Holiday season, you may add this to your choices. We had tested it already for 2 days and so far, we are satisfied and impressed with its overall performance. The palmrest does not heat up even if you use the machine for a long period of time (in our case, we had tested it for 8 straight hours and the temperature remains constantly lower at the palmrest area). Also, with its "chiclet-design" keyboard, we feel more comfortable when typing; it helps us improve our typing speed with accuracy.

Additional Features:
Wireless 802.11n + BT
DVD Super Multidrive
0.3 Megapixel Camera
SD/MMC card reader
HDMI port
free bag
No bundled OS

     Finally, we're letting go of our old desktop computer to welcome the new Asus laptop!!! 
Btw, don't forget to buy a router if you don't have one yet, so you can enjoy surfing the net using wireless connection at home :)

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