Friday, December 10, 2010

Will you stay or will you walk away?

      I had been talking about love recently and here I am again, it is not because I am getting the nerve out of me but it’s just that I wanted to share my thoughts about the relationship of people who are so closed to my heart and I think, I can use this space in my blog to express my opinion about their relationships. I just can’t keep myself be quiet in one corner while I know that my friends are hurting.

     Try to realize, if you have a boyfriend who cheated on you once, do you think he is worth to be trusted again? Do you think it will depend on how serious his offense was or how sorry he was for what he did? Well, if he cheated on you once, he may be able to do it again, isn’t it? But “love is blind” and this saying had sounded to be a broken record yet it remains to be true most of the times. I’ve seen a lot of girls who just tolerate the bad things their boyfriends had done to them for the sake of love, even if it was too painful.

     This friend, who I am pertaining to, had a boyfriend and she thought that she was the only girl the guy had, at least during the time they had considered themselves “on”. Everything was smooth-sailing until she found out that her man had taken his ex-girlfriend back, and worse, the guy wanted to keep both of them and asked her to stay. My friend is now confused if she’ll stay or she’ll break up with him, isn’t that absurd? If you are in her situation, do you think you will have a second thought? Of course, you will say she is a fool and if you are in her shoes you will immediately break up with your boyfriend with a matching slap on his face and say, “Ang kapal naman ng mukha mo!” And maybe you will add, “Kulang pa yan sa ginawa mo sakin, you bastard!” then you will walk out, with your chin up but deep in your heart you are so hurt and wanted to cry out loud after the confrontation. Did I imagine it right?

     But not all girls are that strong and not all girls will be able to break up easily with their boyfriends, especially for a girl whose life revolves on her man. I had the same experience years back and I even accepted my boyfriend after all his explanations and sincere apologies (sincere as it sounded for me). All of my friends who knew my story had advised me to break up with him but I still followed my foolish heart and stayed in our relationship. Well, I am more mature now and I know now that my decision before was wrong. If I am to bring back the time, I should have done a more rational move. Maybe, I was too young and a bit impulsive and those things were too overwhelming for me so I took them as challenge.

     I understand if this friend of mine is having a second thought whether to break up or not with her boyfriend. There are several factors that could affect her decision and her love for him is just one of those factors. But what I am not too sure about is if it’s really love that made her keeps their relationship or she is just afraid of the possibilities to be left out. Well for me, being alone is better than being with someone, but still feeling alone and lonely. Sis, to tell you frankly, that guy doesn’t worth any of your love. He is not the right guy for you if he chose to be with her ex-girlfriend. If he says he loves you both, then slap his face as he may still be dreaming. To hell with him! No man can sail in two rivers at the same time, remember that. In most cases, he will be with the other girl and you will feel that you are just being taken for granted. At least leave yourself the pride and let go of him while the feeling is not too deep yet. If you choose to pretend that her other girl does not exist and you will continue with your relationship with him, then your life will be in such a great mess. I tell you, you will not find the real happiness and the peace that you deserve if you will continue with this. You will just hurt yourself more. Give yourself a chance to be really happy. I believe God has His reason on why he let this thing to happen. I’m sure He has a better plan. Always pray to God to give you the best partner, the one who will not hurt you and will not just take you for granted. Breaking up with that kind of man is a good kind of pain. It may hurt you at first but the pain will eventually go away and you will find yourself a better person in the end.

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