Thursday, December 9, 2010

Are you meant to be?

     A friend of mine requested me to write this blog as she wanted to know my opinion on “how will you know if you already found the right one for you?” I think she is a bit concerned about her love life now and can’t decide if she’ll hold on to their relationship or will just let go. She might be afraid that if she chooses to let go, she might have been taking away her chance to be happy; but what if letting go will let her feel the real happiness that she had been longing for?

     I know that this topic is a bit complicated but I feel that my personal experience will somewhat help influencing others in some ways. I know a lot may still be confused on how you will determine if the person whom you are inlove with right now is the same person to whom you are destined to be forever. Can we really tell if its destiny that makes things happen or your own choice or decision that matters? Is it measured by the length of engagement, having a joint account, closeness of either families, or your compatibility as couple? Like I mentioned with my previous blog, love is not determined of how long you two had been together, but it is determined by the feelings you too had shared. Love comes when you least expect it. When we love someone, we offer the best that we could give to that person. We tried to be the perfect person for him or her and tried to please him or her in every way possible; on the other hand, we get blinded for what our eyes can see and we tend to tolerate all the negative things we can see from him or her. Once you accept the person to be part of your life, then that will serve as the beginning of your journey together and you are permitting that person to take control of your life from thereon. When you are inlove, you imagine to be married to that person right? You imagine how you will spend the rest of your life with that person and you include him or her in all your plans. You might be seeing some colorful butterflies flying around while thinking of him or her. Well, for me that’s what true love is all about. But remember, it is not because he or she is your true love then he or she will be your lifetime partner. He or she may be your soul mate but he or she could never be your husband or wife. You can love one person after another and could be true to all of them when you say you love them right?

     From my own point of view, if that person is really meant for you, then you will still end up with him or her. It is not that you will depend yourself on destiny but you can’t pursue if it’s really not meant to be. You are the captain of your own ship and how you manage the wheel will greatly affect your sail. Your decision highly matters and whatever your choice is determines the end of everything. You can’t say if he or she is really the one for you but you can say if that person is the one whom you want to spend the rest of your life with. Don’t worry too much about what lies ahead and don’t be afraid to trust. If that person is making you feel happy and contented, making you feel complete then give that person a chance to be part of your life. What important is you learn to trust one another and you treat one another with respect each day.  If you can’t trust your life to that person then don’t waste your life with him or her. Find someone who can make you feel comfortable and secure. You may love that person now and may not love him or her tomorrow but that’s life. Once the door closes, another door opens. Learn to let go of that person if what he or she does to you is hurt you. Let go while you can still respect the person and don’t wait for the time to come when the only thing left is hatred. Just be thankful for all the sweet memories that you have shared. You two can still end up together, who knows? And love could be sweeter the second time around as what the saying goes.

      Relationship is like a work in progress. Both of you are being put to test and both of you should be strong in facing the challenges along your way. Just make sure to put God first on top of everything so He can guide you in making the right decisions. Remember as what the song says “love moves in mysterious ways!”

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