Thursday, December 23, 2010

Give Love This Christmas!

"Giving gifts" is already a tradition practiced during Holiday season. All of us believe that our loved ones will be happy if they will receive gifts from us. Yes, but come to think of it, are they satisfied with gifts alone?

I think gifts are just material pleasures of men that somehow bring them happiness. Having lots of money, we can buy gifts as many as we want to, anywhere we want to, at any price. Through the promo of "free-gift wrapping", the items we have selected will be placed inside the box commonly wrapped in green or red. Soon enough, there they are, ready for us to be given to the people dear to our hearts. But do you think there's anyone who doesn't like gifts? Well, the truth is YES.

Sad to say, some people do not like gifts for they long for affection. They don't want material things, instead, they are looking for and expecting something deeper in meaning. How can they appreciate the gift if they are expecting something that they can treasure, something that will not last, that will not fade, that will stay in their hearts. How can they be thankful if what they want is not what is found inside the gift? Should we remain uncaring for them? Let them grieve? Feel the pain? Why don't we open our hearts? Why don't we give love instead of gifts, or give love as a gift? To love is so much better, it doesn't cost a single centavo. What it takes is just a little of our time. We should not let their Christmas be full of pains and sorrows. Christmas should be a celebration for all, on the birth of Jesus Christ.

Use caring as a key to open anyone's heart, for the love from a person who cares is the greatest gift we can have. We can't compare it to any material thing which will surely vanish; love stays eternal. Let us rejoice and give love this Christmas!

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