Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Till my Heartaches End

          First of all, I would like to thank Citibank because with their Blockbuster Treats Promo we were able to watch the movie "Till my Heartaches End". Kim Chiu and Gerard Anderson are the lead casts of the said movie and it is currently being shown here in the Philippines (in hundreds of theaters nationwide). I will never forget this movie because this is the first movie seen in theater by my daughter. It is also the first movie that my husband (Romel), my daughter (Natalie), and I had watched together. Inside the cinema, we three sat down together with Natalie in the middle. Actually, we didn't plan to really watch "Till my Heartaches End" but what we planned to watch was "Whitehouse" (a horror film). We would like to scare our daughter and see her reaction (hehehe). Unfortunately, the movie was not yet available that time in SM Sucat.

          Natalie was excited at first. She got thrilled with the darkness and was amazed with the big screen. However, most of the scenes were drama so after about 30 minutes, she wasn't looking at the screen anymore and just kept herself busy by eating some snacks. I felt she was bored already as she transferred from one chair to another (the cinema was not fully occupied that time). When she got tired, she came to me and said, "Hindi maganda mommy, mabuti pa mag-small world na lang tayo!" (eversince, she called our playground, "small world"). I wasn't able to control myself and laughed at her. Other people who heard what she said laughed at her, too. Actually, I found the movie "just okay". Though it wasn't what I expected (maybe, my expectation was too high), I will still give them 3 for the effort (5 being the highest). The casts were great and they were really good with acting but I think something was wrong. Could it be the flow of the story? I noticed that some scenes where inserted incorrectly which confused me. My husband noticed it as well. Good thing, I used my citibank charge slips and exchanged them with movie passes so we weren't that disappointed at all. After all, passes were free :D


  1. Hahaha buti na lang at free tickets yan, kung nagkataong nag bayad kayo, am sure asar kayo hehe.

    TY sa visit nga pala.

    Happy weekend.

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