Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I Support Manny Pacquiao, the World’s #1 Boxer, just like Head and Shoulders, the World’s #1 Shampoo!

Philippines Pride, seven-time world champion Manny, “Pac Man” Pacquiao who is considered by many to be the best pound for pound fighter in the world and “Tijuana Tornado” Antonio Margarito who is known for being the three-time world champion will compete this Sunday, November 14, 2010 at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA for the WBC junior middleweight championship. I am so excited to watch this event because I am so eager to see Filipinos here and abroad supporting Manny and be united once again. I salute Manny on that, as he is able to promote peace and order in our country. I will be supporting Manny Pacquiao not just because he is a Filipino but because he is a great man. To be honest, I had never been so engaged with boxing before, not until I watched one of his fights. He is the best boxer I had ever seen. I know with his strength, power and God’s guidance, he will win the match and will create another history in the world of boxing. Indeed, Manny is the World’s #1 Boxer, just like Head and Shoulders, the World’s #1 Shampoo. He is our hero! He is truly Pinoy! Go Manny, beat Margarito!!!


  1. Will get the tickets sana but I decided to blog the live stream of Pacquiao vs Margarito through Sopcast channels. Happy viewing na lang sa Sunday. Ilang tickets nakuha nu?

  2. 2 tickets daw.. kunin ko pa lang later.. ung husband ko kasi mahilig sa mga ganitong laban kaya pati ako nahawa.. hehe :)

  3. had watched boxing in Cuneta Astrodome. Thanks to Nuffnang for free tickets! Congrats Manny, i was right when i said that you'll beat Margarito and create another history in the world of boxing!


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