Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Read your favorite post like an online magazine using Feedly

According to webopedia blogroll  is a list of links to other blogs and Web sites that the blog author commonly references or is affiliated with. Blogrolls help blog authors to establish and build upon  their blogger community.  As a new blogger, it is important to visit and follow well established blogs. It is one way of promoting your blog and getting traffics, and meet other people in other part of the world.  However, as soon as you increase the list of the blogs you follow, it becomes difficult to read them all everyday. Before, what I did was read them through blogger dashboard reading list or google reader. Yes, until I found  FEEDLY. This is the best so far! Try adding this one as your browser's extension and enjoy reading your favorite blogs like an online magazine.

 Here's the comparison:
Feedly Interface

Google Reader

You will just need to install feedly extension in your browser then log-in to your Google account to start using it.

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  1. this is a great info, I'd like to add this but I am yet busy for now maybe some other day if I can't forget about it. Thanks for dropping by Bernadette, really appreciate it


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