Saturday, October 30, 2010

Natalie and her first mini-bicycle

     Yesterday, we went to SM Sucat as I need to buy a new bag. My husband, Romel and my daughter, Natalie came 10 minutes earlier than me since they came from home which is just 5 minutes away from SM Sucat, while I came from our office in MOA which took me around 45 minutes to travel via PUJ. As soon as I arrived, my daughter asked me to eat in Jollibee, so all of us went in and ate our favorite Chicken Joy with spaghetti. After eating, we went to “Quantum” and accompanied our daughter as she played on different rides. Imagine, she was able to ride on all of them! Well, that’s the power of being a kid and us as parents, we just wanted to give our child everything that will make her happy.

     Shortly after, we began shopping inside the department store.  Most of the items were on sale up to 70% off so we bought a lot of stuffs. While I was checking on the bags which was my top priority, my daughter Natalie had kept on repeating herself, asking me to buy her a micro scooter. She had been seeing a lot of kids in our community playing with that and she wanted one for herself, too. Thinking that it was not included in our budget, I tried to divert her attention by showing her some cheaper things that she may like. But oh my, she was so persistent! At the end, we went into “Toy Express” where she can choose from different micro scooters available. However, when we were already there, a mini “Dora” bicycle caught her attention and so, instead of a scooter, what she got was that mini-bike and tried it herself. Natalie enjoyed riding on it and didn’t want to leave the mall without buying it for her. The cost was Php 2,699.75 and I knew it was too much as she will be only using it for a short period of time. Anyway, she is just here with us in Manila for vacation and will be returning to our province in Batangas next week before the 2nd semester starts. My husband and I tried to convince her to get it when she gets older but she insisted. When she started crying, I saw the loneliness and pain in her eyes. I was touched as I remembered myself when I was still a kid and wanted to have my own bicycle but we didn’t have money to buy one. And so to make the story short, my husband and I agreed to buy it and told her that it’s already our birthday gift for her. She will be celebrating her 4th birthday this coming December. Natalie nodded but I was unsure if that would be the case (hehehe). Natalie had never been so excited with her toys, only now. I witnessed how happy she was when she brought home her first mini-bicycle. ^__^

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