Saturday, October 16, 2010

Facebook added new security features

I experienced problem login in to my Facebook account last October 13, 2010. Other sites like yahoo and google mail were ok. So to make sure that my facebook account was not hacked, I tried to log in using my husband's account but I kept on getting this page as a result:

After trying multiple times, I was able to log in successfully to my account. As I browsed my picture, I've noticed that a pop up appeared after I clicked it. I thought that it could be the reason of the intermittent connection issues. Curious of what was causing all these, I visited their blog and found this article.

New security features of Facebook.

1.) One-time passwords - if you do not want to use your password in public computer like in a Hotel, Airport or Cafes, you just have to text "otp" without quotation to (3404 SMART,2933 for GLOBE/TM, 32665 for SUN Cellular  in the Philippines) on your mobile phone,and you'll immediately receive a password that can be used only once which expires in 20 minutes.You will be charged of Php2.50 per transaction. To use this service, your mobile phone must be registered already in  mobile tab under Account settings.

2.) Ability to sign-out of Facebook remotely - This feature can be useful if you log in to Facebook from a friend's phone or computer and then forgot to sign out. From your Account Settings, you can check if you're still logged in on other devices and remotely log out.
Under the Account Security section of your Account Settings page you'll see all of your active sessions, along with the information about each session.

In the some events where someone accesses your account without your permission, you can also shut down the unauthorized login before resetting your password and taking other steps to secure your account and computer.

3.)  Regularly prompt to update security information. It's important that we always update our information in Facebook. You can add additional email under Contact Email or register your mobile phone.  In case someone hacks both your email and Facebook account, you can still reset the password in Facebook using your cellphone number.

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