Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rule #1: Your BOSS is ALWAYS RIGHT. Rule #2: If you think your BOSS is wrong, refer to RULE #1

          I’ve read that post inside the office of my previous manager. What the ….? Does it mean he is always right? No, it can’t be! Is he perfect? Duh!!!

          That’s the most common reaction of employees who read it. Well, I just found it cute that’s why I thought of reposting it here.

          Managers play a very important role in our society. They can be models and can influence lives of people around them. They could be the reason why employees keep on coming in the office every day. If a manager will fail to meet employee’s expectation it could lead to employee’s dissatisfaction, and could be one of the reasons why they will choose to leave the company. I had spoken to one friend before and he told me that he resigned because he lost his trust with his manager and just don’t feel like coming to the office anymore..seeing him again and dealing with him the whole day.
          I can say that being manager is not easy. He must have leadership skills. He is the one who should motivate his people, encourage them to achieve their goals, guide them to show their potentials and help them to grow as a person. I haven’t been a manager yet but I had worked with a lot of managers in the past. I had witnessed how they handled their people. You as an employee normally think just for your own good, you are just concerned about yourself, but not the manager. The manager has to take in consideration if his action will be beneficial to majority, at least, if not all.

          I knew employees who put the blame on their managers every time they fail to meet their goals. Isn’t it unfair to them? In any given situations, you will still have the control of your own life and not your manager, right? Whatever is the result of your action that is because of how you did it and not how your manager did it. If all you do is complain… complain… and complain… nothing will happen to you. Try to break the wall between you and your manager and allow him to reach you out; allow yourself to listen to whatever your manager says. Try to learn from him through open communication and believe me, your outlook will change. Managers are usually approachable and very accommodating.

         I’m not saying that your boss is always right. I’m not saying that you are always wrong. Like you, they are also human who are prone to errors. They can’t be perfect; and no matter how hard they try, they still can’t please everyone. Just learn to accept the truth that they may know more than you do and can be better than you are. You may want to ask yourself a question, who is higher in the organization, is it you or your boss? But wait...being a manager doesn't mean he knows everything.. hehehe.. (So who should be followed?!)

Tip: If you hate your boss, try to smile to him the next time you see each other and you will feel better. Don’t try to put up a fight with your boss. Always remember: Rule # 1: Your BOSS is ALWAYS RIGHT…

Hmm… well, for me… yes, they are right most of the times, but not always!

Violent reactions are welcome 

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