Saturday, September 18, 2010


For every beat of my heart there's pain
That easily put myself in vain,
No matter what they do, it's always killing me,
That's why I decided to walk away...

But for every single stone in the road
That I used to kick one by one,
I always remember the two lovers,
Carrying away the beat of my heart...

I can't stand that moment I saw what lovers do
So I told myself "I'd better go"
Because everytime I see them together,
I get jealous of the love they give for each other...

But when I'm alone in the room listening to the music
And my eyes are closed, I can feel my heartbeat,
While the radio station is playing my favorite,
Emptiness lingers in and I can't think straight...

I tell you I am so hurt, and I can feel the pain
And for every second of the minute, that pain remains,
And for every minute of the hour, I can remember the scene,
And for every hour of the day, my heart stands crying...

Some moments in my life, I'm imagining a situation
That me and my loveone are having an occasion,
And that is the party that will happen so soon,
The wedding of ours in June...

I am so confused, shall I hold on to this feeling?
Or let it be vanished away like the wind?
I don't know what to do, is it worth sacrificing?
But what if this love will make me happy in the end...?

Somehow I think, I shouldn't let my feelings down
'Coz I knew in myself, I am a persistent one,
So no matter what happens, I will never turn around,
I'll face everything bravely for my very special someone...

I will leave this poem undone, 'coz I knew it's not the end
That the remaining days in my life are not full of pain,
Who can tell maybe tomorrow, another life will begin,
And when it comes, we will have a happy ending.

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