Wednesday, September 22, 2010

BBB "Best Browser for Bloggers"

I was a former fan of Mozilla Firefox browser. I love its simple interface, fast browsing and lots of customization. For more than 3 years, I enjoyed its CTRL+T function(new tab) and customized search bar for your favorite search engine. As far as I am aware of, Mozilla is ahead of competition with other browsers in terms of features and functionality.

But since I started blogging three weeks ago, I noticed that Google Chrome was faster than Mozilla Firefox in loading my blog site.  Since then I uninstalled the Firefox and used Google Chrome v6.0.472.53.  as my default browser.

To find out which one is better, I did a benchmark test using my own site. I downloaded a new version of Firefox and installed it again.
(Disclaimer: This test does not represent any company or product involved. Results may vary depending on system specifications and internet speed.)

What I did was:

1.  Opened
2.  Clicked on one of my posts - I have a dream
3.  Opened new website(facebookusing new tab and tried switching from two sites.

Here are the results:

Firefox V3.6.10 vs Chrome v6.0.472.53

Now, feel  free to try Google Chrome and see the difference. Download it here.

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