Sunday, August 29, 2010

Soft tender kisses…

          What is a kiss? Webster defines it as a transitive verb which means “to touch with the lips especially as a mark of affection or greeting”. Nowadays, you will often witness people greeting their amigos by kissing them on the cheeks or what they called “beso-beso”. Kissing became a normal gesture for two persons who had known each other for so long, whether a friend, a relative, a boyfriend or girlfriend or husband and wife. Kiss could be as simple and fast as it could; as strong or torrid as it may; or as passionate and gentle as you want it to be. A simple kiss means something to a person and could ignite the passion within that person.
          Do you still remember the date when you last kissed your mother in her cheeks? Ah… why can’t I tell now? My mother used to kiss me every time we see each other especially when there is an occasion: Christmas, New Year, my birthday, last graduation… but I don’t remember that I initiated a kiss. Sad to say, I don’t remember kissing her at all. I envy those characters in movies or ‘soap opera’ who can express their love to their parents and can talk to their parents with ease. As I watched them hug and kiss their parents so passionately, I can’t control the emotions flowing inside me... oh how I missed my parents! How I wish I could do the same.

          I don’t know what’s keeping me for not doing the same though. Maybe I am so shy that’s why I am hesitant to express my affection to them. I am not a “showy-typed” of person I may say, but deep in my heart, my love for them is immeasurable. Now that I have a daughter of my own, I get used to her soft tender kisses. It really touches my heart when my little Natalie kisses me and embraces me. Those are melting my heart. And now that we are distance apart, I missed our times together... I missed her hugs and kisses very much!

          When I had a feeling like this, I always think of my parents, too. I know they feel the same way towards me. I know they’re longing for their daughter Bernadette who used to kiss and hug them as well when she was just a little girl. So, don’t feel shy to show your parents how much you love and value them. Don’t let the time comes, when they won’t be able to hear your voice or feel your touch anymore. Please do it now as they will really appreciate it.

          When I go home to our hometown this weekend, I will not forget to kiss my parents in their cheeks and hug them tight. I will tell them the words they long to hear from me for the past years. I will tell my parents, “Ma, Pa, I love you so much and I always will…”

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