Sunday, August 29, 2010


Recently, I have been attending seminars related to investments. Feeling so hopeful about the future, my enthusiasm and eagerness to invest and save money grow bigger and bigger each day. I realized now that what I have been doing before was wrong. You see, it is very typical to an employee like me to depend on to my salary which is given to us by our employer two times a month. Budget is always tight every payday as there are days when the demand is higher than the supply. Do you agree?

 Had you ever had an experience whereas you had already stretched your entire budget and put together all your resources but still not enough to pay all the dues? Water bills, electric bills, phone bills, internet bills, home amortization, condo dues which if you sum up all, will leave nothing or a very small amount of money to be spent for your daily needs. At the end of the day, no more money is left for you to save. Sometimes, if I get a good income, I put money to my savings and current account. Sad to say, both should have maintaining balance wherein you will be charged of a service fee if the outstanding balance falls below the requirement. So pathetic! It happened to me not only once and to be honest, there were times when I thought of closing my account with those banks. But what will you do if you are in the middle of crisis and you don’t have anyone to turn on to? You can’t ask from your friend as you are ashamed to let them know that you’re under financial crisis; you can’t ask from your parents, as you knew that as much as they would like to help you, they don’t have extra as well and you don’t want to see them getting disappointed for not being able to help you. You are left with nothing but your own pocket to depend on.

As what my financial adviser said, “most Filipinos are thrifty and really want to save”. However, they are applying the wrong formula in saving: Income minus expenses minus budget equals savings. So if you have 15,000 income less 10,000 expenses less 5,000 budget, you will be left with 0 to save. Do you think that will make you happy? If you want to be financially free, you should start applying the formula that will allow you to set aside a portion of your income before spending the rest: Income minus savings minus budget equals expenses. Let say you earn 15,000 every payday, try to set aside at least 10% of it and you will discover that your savings is growing bigger and bigger as times go by.

It is not the end of the process dear readers. If you think that your savings is fine if you just keep it in your vault, then you are wrong. Don’t stop there! You have to find ways on how to let your money works for you. You just don’t keep it at home; you should start investing it to so it will gain profit, it will accumulate interest. In my case, I already found the best company and invested my money in it. If you are also interested to do the same, feel free to approach me. I am so excited to share it to you! You know, I salute those people who are already contented with what they have. Me, I don’t stop just there.

I have different principle in life. I have seen a lot of people who already reached their retirement age yet still poor. They had worked over 40 years for money, but ended up penniless. I don’t want to be like them. I am preparing not only for my own future but for the future of my family as well. I don’t want to be dependent with my children when I get old. With GOD guidance, you’ll see me prosper. Believe me! You just have to let your money works for you and not let yourself work forever to earn money. Invest right. Invest now!


  1. where to invest?

  2. I have the same experience. Sometimes I wonder how others seems to do it so easily and i don't, or I just don't know how they did it.

  3. So, if my budget is tight as I am only getting my money from my employer, how do I get to invest?

  4. try to save little by little.. set aside a portion of your monthly salary and save it. put it in the bank and don't widthdraw it. at least do it for 6 months. that small portion will soon become a big amount that you can use to buy an asset.. you can begin investing once you have a capital.

  5. That's really amazing! Glory to GOD! Just do it for the glory of GOD!


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