Thursday, April 24, 2014



When clock ticks at nine
I get soooo much excited
Coz I know it’s the time
When I will see you again..... <3 comment-3--="">

When I hear footsteps on the floor
I get soooo much thrilled
That my heart starts to pump
And blood begins to flow again..... <3 comment-3--="">

As you enter into our room
I will pretend to be sleeping
You will approach and kiss me on my cheeks
And I will start to smile again….. <3 comment-3--="">

When we eat together at night
I share so many stories
Of dreams, hopes, and fantasies
And I feel so happy to be with you again….. <3 comment-3--="">

Now, things had changed
And I feel so blue
I don’t feel being loved anymore
I want you….. <3 comment-3--="">

You’re as cold as ice
And as hard as stone
You don’t hug me anymore
I long for you….. <3 comment-3--="">

When I talk, you don’t listen
You’re always busy with something else
I’m losing my sanity
I need you….. <3 comment-="" if="" supportlinebreaknewline="">

It is as if you don’t care
And that I’m not making any sense
I feel dumped and used
And I thank you….. <3 comment-3--="">

‘Coz you made me realize one thing
That I should learn to live on my own
Without being too attached to you
I hate you….. <3 comment-3--="">

Thinking of what we’ve shared
Since we made our first vow
Makes my heart aches for loneliness
I miss you..... <3 comment-3--="">

As I end this letter

Let me think of the happy times
I know this feeling of emptiness will pass
And I’ll forgive you..... <3 comment-3--="">
It’s easy to forgive
It’s easy to forget
‘Coz I love you
And I always will…… <3 comment-3--="">


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