Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do Not Miss the Exciting Launch of LGN International!

If you are looking for a company where you would want to invest your hard-earned money, I recommend that you join LGN. By becoming one of its Independent Associate, you will not just enjoy a relaxing vacation that you and your family dreamed off but you will also have an opportunity to earn tremendous amount of income which will surely be your way to achieve your goals. In this blog I will share with you a letter from our director of Global Communications, Mr. Cedric Licuanan of LGN International Inc. LGN Prosperity will soon become LGN International! I'm really excited with the new changes and can't keep myself from not sharing this you. So, keep reading to find out what LGN International can offer.

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Do Not Miss the Exciting Launch of LGN International!

As you are well aware, the LGN Corporate Goal is to provide you with the absolute Best Travel and Business System in the industry.

Therefore, LGN has created what has already been termed as the “Wave-of-the-Future for Business!”

LGN has taken important steps toward providing you with a solid, world-class system right at your fingertips.

The first step was to give you all-important trust and confidence by demonstrating our corporate commitment with you. We have worked to provide you with the global LGN Vision using the Live Events, in which we have traveled the world to meet you and your fellow team members face-to-face. In addition, the Live Presidential Address Webinars with James Ward are used to help you solidify the constant growth of your LGN system for decades to come.

The second step was to provide you with the completely redesigned and enhanced products and services lineup that will appeal to every person that is looking for a better lifestyle with their loved ones.

The third step was to supply you with the specially-designed income plan enhancements that will provide you with the highest and most lucrative Compensation Plan in the history of the industry!

The fourth and final step was to combine all of these pieces into the completely redesigned and newly established LGN International Corporate Identity that will solidify your business potential for countless years to come.

For you convenience, below is a quick summary of your enhanced LGN International Travel Product Showcase.

LGN Weeks:     We have improved your existing Travel Product by upgrading you from just one exciting vacation, to an UNLIMITED AMOUNT of Exciting 7-Night Vacations at over 3500 desirable locations worldwide!

LGN Grand Vacations:     You will have the ability to enjoy convenient and exciting “Done-For-You” Vacation Packages using our specially trained Vacation Specialists.

LGN Destinations:
     Now you can book exciting flights, hotels and rental cars at great prices using your very own LGN online travel portal!

LGN Agents:     You will have the ability to earn a commission when customers book travel on your online travel portal!

LGN Platinum:     Your Ultimate Online Marketing System that helps you build your LGN International Business on the internet!

LGN Connect:     Your very own LGN Social Networking Resource to network with your fellow LGN International colleagues!

LGN Priority One: Your White-Glove specialized concierge service for added luxury and convenience during your vacations!

For more information, here is the Announcement Video with James Ward:
Click Here To Play Video!
As you have discovered with LGN International, you have the opportunity to build the life of your dreams by seeing the world with your friends and family; while earning weekly, monthly and yearly income that surpasses that of your greatest business goals.

Not only are you completely setup for LGN Success in 2011, you have found your HOME with LGN International for years of fun-filled experiences for you and your loved ones.

Please stay tuned to your emails for updates regarding your exciting transition to LGN International. In addition, print out this email and take what you have discovered about your LGN International Business, and share this newfound knowledge with the world!
Yours In Success,
Cedric Licuanan
Director of Global Communications
LGN International Inc. | Go See The World!

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LGN Revolution | 5204 Village Parkway, Suite 11 | Rogers, AR 72758

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Please visit LGN International website for more information. If you are serious, not just curious please contact me and I will be more than happy to explain the business to you. My contact info can be found at my LGN website. Thanks!

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