Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sharing tips on how to become a Millionaire

I just finished listening to the recorded phone interview of Susan Sly, a self-made millionaire as she speaks to LGN Members about how to "Think Like a Millionaire". Her journey as self-made millionaire is trully very inspiring. I hope in this blog, by sharing what she said, I serve as an instrument to inspire readers to dream big like her.

Here are the highlights of the things I learned from Susan:

1. You have to know what you want and why (vizualization is important -- when you can connect emotionally to what it is you really really want, you're much more likely to get it)

*right people are infront of you every single day. Get excited about standing at least 5 minutes every single day and vizualize what your life is gonna be like. Believe that your dreams will be true.
*create your own vision board or dream board. put your dreams and after you get it, replace it with something else. don't be the person who has the knowledge but doesn't apply it to get the wisdom.

2. Create a clearance. You have to get clearing to produce. Clear your desk. You may write: multiple digits earner and believe that you are.

3. Interview millionaires. Don't be afraid that you will get rejected because millionaires love to share to others their journeys. You can ask:
*how do you multitask?
*how do you know that you are going to be a millionaire?
*what books are you reading? who's your mentor?
*how do you produce, how do you set schedules, etc..

4. You need to fire negative people. Hang out with people who are pulling you up for success.

5. Work to your passion. Identify what's the thing you are passionate about and do it.

6. Ask. ask. ask.

7. Millionaires -- they go for it, they don't quit. Becoming a millionaire doesn't just happen overnight and expect that you'll encounter a lot of objections and rejections along your way, you just have to be determined in transforming your dreams to reality. You need to believe in yourself that you can do it!

and she added in the end just to add a little humor...

8. Millionaires are able to produce even with very little sleep ;)

which is true, isn't it? So Good luck and get ready to prosper. As what another Millionaire, Jefferey Combs said, " if you want to become a millionaire you need to manage the emotion that will get you there. You need to transform. Transform means letting go, reinventing yourself, changing your identity. Start aligning yourself to people who had the same vision."

So start by joining LGN now! I did.

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