Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Painted Peace

I had a box of colors —
bright, alive and bold
I had a box of colors —
some warm, some very cold.
I didn’t have red for the blood of the wounded
I didn’t have black for the cry of the orphans
I didn’t have white for the face of the dying
I didn’t have yellow for the burning sands.
But, I had orange for the joy of life;
and green for the shoots and nests
and blue for blue skies
and pink for dreams and rest
I sat down and painted peace.

I got so touched with this poem the very first time I read it, that was when I was still a freshman high school student so I am sharing it to my dear readers. The poem was posted to one of our bulletin boards. I thought the author of "I Painted Peace" was anonymous but from one of the bloggers I found out that it was written by young female from Sacred Heart School, Uganda. Thank you for sharing and I hope everyone finds the peace in their hearts.

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