Saturday, February 12, 2011

I love Batangas Lomi… hmmm… soooo yummy!!!

One of the reasons why I missed Batangas is because of the special lomi. Honestly speaking, I haven’t tasted anything better than the lomi that we used to eat in our hometown. Here in Manila, lomi looks undesirable and tastes differently than what it should be. Several tries and I had given up as I don’t want to be disappointed over and over again.

One of the best tasting lomi at San Juan, Batangas is the one being sold at “Queen Grace Kambingan and Restaurant”. There’s something special about its taste that you will keep on asking for more and order for more so every time there is a chance, I never forget to drop by and dine or ask my brother to buy me a “jumbo” which is the biggest serving size ;). The price is very affordable. With Php60, 2-3 persons can enjoy the delicious lomi.

The one that you see in the picture above is my father’s own version of lomi. My father is a good cook and so am I (hahaha! Just kidding!). It had become our tradition, that when he’s off from work, he will cook 1-2 kilos of lomi at breakfast and shares it to our relatives so all of us can eat our favorite lomi. Just a bit of pork, cassava flour, “loming lipa”, egg, black pepper, onion and garlic, he can make it so yummy. Well, I can say that my father’s lomi is the best tasting ever and he never fails to make my tummy full and satisfied. :)


  1. Your father's lomi looks very delicious! ^_^ I hope I can try lomi from Batangas too. Is San Juan far from Lipa? Because we would be going to Lipa on Feb 25 and if it is near, maybe we can drop by Queen Grace Restaurant :)

  2. Sorry Karla for the late reply. I missed to read this comment to be honest. By the way, were you able to drop by at Queen Grace? San Juan is approximately 40KM away from Lipa and it may take around 30-45 mins for you to taste the lomi at Queen Grace. hehe.. thanks for reading my blog! Have a nice day!


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