Monday, September 6, 2010

Formula of Love in Physics

 (Ms jenny, our Physics adviser in MFI asked us to write a poem which includes Physics terms in the  body. Here's the result of my work - January 9, 2002 6:45 PM)

Love is like a PULLEY
It can take you up and down
It gives POWER while you WORK
and ENERGY from time to time

When love is not in EQUILIBRIUM
Due to unequal FORCE applied
In just a moment will break your heart.

So there must be right FORMULA
For the love to succeed
Like the substance to be boiled
There must be specific HEAT.

'Coz I've seen so many lovers
Who had their final break-up,
The girl's TEMPERATURE had risen
Because the guy's SPEED was so FAST.

Checked this books.

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